[TOUN28] Solid Dish Cleanser S26 Organic Grain (3ea)


[TOUN28] Solid Dish Cleanser S26 Organic Grain (3ea)


5 certified organic grains are soaked in water and matured at a low temperature. This process breaks down an abundance of orizenin peptide and vitamin B1, B2.

Why use TOUN28’s Solid Dish Cleansers?

  • Due to ineffective/incorrect dishwashing methods, the average human consumes approximately 140ml of liquid dishwashing detergent each year
  • TOUN28’s solid dish cleansers are 100% naturally made from food, fruits and vegetables – thus it’s the most hygienic, safe and effective method to wash your dishes whilst taking care of your own personal health
  • Lathers extremely well
  • Take care of your family and SAY NO to preservatives, synthetic surfactant, bleach and artificial coloring